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BBW Fashions For Sale

For the well dressed plus-sized woman!

Aunt JJ's "PLUS SIZED" Auction House
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All Members , Moderated

This community was created as a spin off of bbw_fashions. Use this community to advertise your size plus-sized clothing sales. Cleaning out the closet, you can trade your clothing here too. Basically, any advertising is welcome, just so long as it is geared toward the plus-sized gal.

Posts that do not contain information about plus sized clothing, will be deleted!

The rules are simple, the moderators are cordial, the members are polite, please respect them.

Read rules before posting in this community!

"Rules, Tips and Guidelines"

1. This community is for the sale of plus-sized (14+) fashions ONLY! Post not containing plus-sized items will be deleted.

2. You may post an ad for your online auction once a week.

3. Host your own images.

4. Post images behind an LJ cut to be considerate of those with slower internet connections.

5. Place the size of the item being sold in the text portion of your post before the cut. Offer a guideline as to the sizing. For example you might want to say, I weigh 200lbs and this fits me, or this is a 3xl and I normally wear a 16 and this is small on me.

6. Posting accessories (purses, shoes, belts, jewellery) is welcome, however at least one of the items posted must be clothing.



If you would like to discuss clothes, shoes, hair, makeup and advice with other BBWs then bbw_fashions is the place for you.

This community was created and is maintained by padhopper Co-Moderator's are showinxpression and seemlesswaters. These two members have been appointed to ensure all posts contain plus-sized fashions and adhere to the community rules.

Aunt JJ's Gratitude Department

A special thank you to knee2danuhfosho who designed the layout, and the default icon for this community.